Reverend Cheryl Becir

Founder & Principal


“We want people to feel calm and stress free when planning a ceremony.  It should be like talking to an old friend, or your best friend about what’s important to you.  Laughing and sharing your hopes, dreams, fears and questions. A safe space to discuss the details of your most intimate ceremonies, celebrating life’s special moments. Validating your experience to create a ceremony and experience that is truly you.”

Cheryl is an alumnus of Stanford University’s Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Health Care Leader programs.

Cheryl is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant ® and Ordained Inter-Faith Minister


“The longest journey you will ever take will be from your head to your heart. Let’s travel that path together and design a ceremony rich, diverse, and memorable.” Thank you to Kerri and Damien for their beautiful video of our Heart Strings ceremony in the park.

Love and light,